Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams integrates with Mitel phone systems and many cloud phone systems

For customers already utilizing Microsoft Teams for collaboration, many cloud providers offer a best-in-class integration of calling and voice functionality.

When receiving inbound calls, you can manage the entire call in one view, via a pop-up notification.  For outbound calls, you can initiate click-to-dial functionality in a small pop-up window and still maintain all call features without taking up your entire screen.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Collaboration

Collaborate Your Way

Whether you use chat, video conferencing, or calls, leverage your current technology so that you’re able to stay in your MS Teams environment, receive calls, place calls with one interface, and choose how you connect.

Feature-Rich Telephony

Get more out of your existing Microsoft Teams collaboration by pairing it with an enterprise telephony solution.

Seamless Integration

Take advantage of integrated, advanced telephony features such as call routing and hunt groups with no additional licensing.  When a call is received, you get a notification on top of any other window.  With simple call floater technology, you can always see your active call without having to toggle between multiple windows in other applications.


  • Call floater
  • Click-to-Dial
  • Conference
  • Transfer
  • Direct Routing
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call Routing
  • Presence

  • Video Meetings
  • Softphone
  • Voicemail
  • Call History
  • CRM and Contact Center Integration

Reporting And Analytics

Are you looking for powerful unified communications and contact center analytics?  We offer a solutions to help you uncover strategic business insights by analyzing and visualizing your customer engagements.  Brightmetrics includes an easy drag and drop functionality to design reports and analytics to fit your business needs.  Customize dashboards, and create summary reports with drill-down interaction features, to see key details empowering you to make intelligent business decisions.

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BTS partners with Brightmetrics Analytics for your Mitel and Cloud Phone System

Call Tracking Solution

BTS partner with Purple Cloud for Call Tracking Solution

Looking for call tracking.  BTS has partnered with PurpleCloud to track all calls regardless of how they are made or received.  Record all information (audio, transcription, source, customer contact info, etc) for landlines and cell phones automatically.  Purplecloud integrates phone system, call tracking, texting, chat, facebook messenger, in one omnichannel platform.  No tracking numbers, no-click-to call widget, or entering of employee ID required. 

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Cloud Applications

Pair your Cloud Phone System with additional business applications for increased productivity and functionality.

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