Say goodbye to old POTS lines and replace them with New technology

FCC order 19-72A1 (issued August 2, 2019) has officially granted telecommunications carriers permission to abandon outdated, degrading copper POTS lines.

Per the order, carriers are not only released from maintaining this critical part of the communications infrastructure – they also are no longer required to make this important element of telecommunications service available to consumers.

The change has already begun.  As a result of the Order, carriers are increasing pricing for existing POTs lines by 75% – 150%  or more in a concerted effort to force customer migration off of the outdated, and crumbling, POTS line infrastructure.

Carriers & aggregators are encouraging customers to switch existing POTs lines over to new POTS Replacement Technology which …
  • Work when the power goes out
  • Has LTE integrated into it
  • Meets all National Fire Safety Standards compliances
  • Is HIPAA Compliant for fax machines
  • Is PCI Compliant

BTS has options for you. Give us a call and we will help you replace your current POTs Lines.


POTs Line Replacement


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