Are you still using traditional Copper POTs Lines? If you are, it is time to replace them.

The Sunset of Copper POTS (“Plain Old Telephone Services”) lines has been announced and is happening now.

Say goodbye to old POTS lines and replace them with New technology


The change has begun.  As a result of the Order, carriers are increasing pricing for existing POTS lines by 75% – 150% or more in an effort to force customer migration off of the outdated and crumbling POTs line infrastructure.

Some customers are receiving communication from their carriers informing them that their current POTS lines will no longer be available after “x” date.


FCC order 19-72A1 (issued August 2, 2019) has officially granted telecommunications carriers permission to abandon outdated, degrading POTS lines.

Per the order, carriers are not only released from maintaining this critical part of the communications infrastructure – they are also no longer required to make this important element of telecommunications service available to consumers.


BTS can help you switch to new POTS Replacement Technology which:

  • Work when the power goes out
  • Has LTE integrated into it
  • Meets all National Fire Safety Standards compliances

  • Is HIPAA Compliant for fax machines
  • Is PCI Compliant

BTS offers Complementary Phone Bill Analysis and Network Assessment

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Why Now:

  • Customers should transition off Copper POTs lines specifically for Fire Alarm Systems and Elevators to stay in compliance. 

  • According to a 2022 survey by the National Fire Protection Association, about 60% of fire alarms in the United States are still analog systems.  The NFPA recommends that all new fire alarm systems be digital systems & recommends that existing analog systems be upgrade to digital systems as soon as possible.
  • Customers are now seeing monthly cost increases over 5x in many areas.
  • AT&T has announced they would decommission 50% of their copper network by 2025. (, August 3, 2022)
  • Many carriers are looking to end all PTSN lines by 2030.
  • The FCC and state regulations have largely removed price caps on POTS lines.  Carriers are taking advantage of this to significantly increase monthly rates.  In some cases, $1,300.00 per line or higher. 

  • Average POTs lines cost today: average $150 – $300.00 per line … enterprises are anywhere from $1,000 +
  • Number of POTS lines still in use: As of 2022 36 million
  • Seeing up to 30 + days repair time from carriers for a POTS line.

Related Compliances: 

  • National Fire Protection Association — NFPA Rule 72 for Fire Alarms — A telecommunications provider’s equipment is expected to have 8 hours of stand-by power.
  • Underwriters Laboratories UL Rule 864 — Fire Alarms and Fire Panels
  • HIPAA end to end encryption for analog fax with fax to email
  • PCI Compliance for Point of Sale (POS) Systems.

What Do We Replace These With? 

  • POTS Line Replacement Technologies; POTs in a Box.
  • Can use internet connectivity including DIA, broadband, 4G, and LTE.
  • They can be attached to an SD-Wan device for redundancy.
  • Must have built-in 4G/LTE wireless backup slots and SIMs.
  • E-Fax Services
  • Backup SIP Lines
  • E911 Calling

BTS offers several options to migrate off your Copper POTs Lines.  Give us a call today!

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